Special Thanks 饮水思源

“When you drink from the stream, remember the spring.” – Chinese proverb

Hospital round with my photography buddy and anaesthetist. © and courtesy of Liu Chenkun.

Hospital round with my photography buddy and anaesthetist. © and courtesy of Liu Chenkun.

To my brother Paul Aleu, his wife Abuk and their children. To Abraham, my Sudanese team, and the people of South Sudan. I LOVE YOU.

To Philipp, Rob, Jungsil, Deb, Ruth, Paul, Eric, Big Ben, David, Wiwi, Alfred, Papa Charles, Tek, Raewyn, LCK, Catherine, Tomo, Yoshi, Shin, Arnauld, Strat, Alex, Safi, Hamsa, Virginie, Stéphane, Greg, Christine, Sylvie, Robin, Anne, Gab, Andrea, Tankred, Harriet, Morpheus, James, Ed and Malo: YOU ARE MY DREAM TEAM.

To Ali, I am so glad we met that day at the River Lodge, while stuck in Wau. Thank you for every single visit you paid me, thank you for being my friend, thank you for everything. I still read the book you gave me.

To Frad, thank you for your great company and these long conversations at night, and more than anything else, thank you for your incredible confidence in me.

To Ben, who has always pushed me to go further, do better and not step back.

To Fred, my flatmate, friend and coach. To Gasp, thank you for all the big and small things that matter. To Dhiren, bro’ you are so dear to me.

To Lil, Lud, Poupoune, Carmen, Lizhen, Kiran, Swan and Paulina, for supporting me when I took the plunge and never stopped encouraging me.

To Sandra, Gedis, Tugsbat, Sasha, Tatyana, Axel and Jiri, who make London and the rest of the world, so special.

To Katy, my tutor and English teacher at the University of Westminster, who has been following me for years and has always encouraged me to write. I have not forgotten your words, it just took me years to put everything into practise.

To Satya, Deepa and Dhruv, Marie-Laure and Xavier, David and Lilly, Sal and Geerte, for their constant thoughts and support.

To Els and Vincent, for their time, comprehension and delightful sense of humour. You helped me recover in many a way.

To Geneviève, Jean-Marie, Anne-So, Yann, Vicki and the kids, for welcoming me with open-arms in their home and their lives.

To Laëtitia, David and Aaron. To Olivier, Laurène, Clara and Hugo. To Frédéric, Ruoyu and Clara. To John, Ming, Hugo and and Chloé. You are wonderful.

To Hsiuwen, Yuling, Meng-Meng, Shi Ling and Xiaoyan, thank for your enthusiasm, no matter which path I take in life.

To Colette and Serge, who drove me during my younger years at work, thank you for rooting in me the benefits of hard work and rigour.

To Yves and Florent, who initiated me to digital art and multimedia, at the early age of internet, giving me the means of contemporary expression and communications.

To Line and Kev, my siblings, for taking over, when I needed to be away. To Mathieu, my brother-in-law, for taking care of my big family.

To my grandparents who were great adventurers and explorers of the world. A special thought to my grannies, who kept reminding me that there is nothing too hard in life.

To my Dad, who makes every endeavour to teach his children the best of him. And to my Mum, for making me the person I am today.


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