Acronyms & Lexicon

ANC: Ante Natal Care.
AWD: Acute Watery Diaorrhea.

Balzac: a cashbox, a safe, a bank account, any distinct source of money is referred as a balzac.

CTC: Cholera Treatment Centre.
CTU: Cholera Treatment Unit.

EoM report: End of Mission report.

FieldCo: Field Co-ordinator.
FiHRCo: Finance & HR Co-ordinator.
ForCoFiRh: Formation des Coordinateurs Finance & Ressources Humaines (Fr), a training session for Finance & HR co-ordinators and administrators.

GoSS: Government of Southern Sudan.

HoM: Head of Mission.

IPD: In Patient Department

IV fluids: fluids used for intravenous drips.
Log: a logistician.
LogCo: Logistics Co-ordinator

MedCo: Medical Co-ordinator
MoA: Ministry of Agriculture
MoH: Ministry of Health
MoU: Memorandum of Understanding

OPD: Out Patient Department.
OT: Operating Theatre.
OTP: Outpatient Therapeutic Program.

Paracheck: a rapid test that detects the presence of Plasmodium Falciparum, one species of parasites that causes malaria in humans.
PHCU: Primary Health Care Unit.
Plumpy Nut: a peanut-based paste, high protein and high energy ready-to-use therapeutic food to treat severe acute malnutrition.

TB: Tuberculosis
TFC: Therapeutic Feeding Centre

Unimix: a vitamined-enriched flour for making porridge.
UNHAS: United Nations Humanitarian Air Service.

Watsan: water & sanitation or a water & sanitation officer.
WFP: World Food Program
WHO: World Health Organization

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