Hi, I’m Ruoxiang Chau.

Northern Bahr al Ghazal, South Sudan. © Ruoxiang Chau, all rights reserved.

Northern Bahr al Ghazal, South Sudan. © Ruoxiang Chau, all rights reserved.

July 2008, I am sent to Aweil, South Sudan, as a field administrator by Médecins Sans Frontières.

For half a year, I am going to live and work with a team composed of 25 expatriates, 400 national staff and be part of a 6.6 million euro project. I am going to experience things, I have never seen, heard, or done before, share true moments of joy, enchantment, stress, despair and anger.

So, why a post-mission journal? While in Aweil, I got caught by the hectic pace of the mission and it was only on my return that I started to write frantically. I needed to let it rest, think of what happened to me and have more hindsight about everything. During the mission, I took pictures as visual notes to self, but also for the patients and the staff, so they could see their evolution and the work they achieved. It is only years after my return that I realised, I had something special in my hands, something to tell the stories that happened over there, in a place not so well-known by the rest of the world.

This site is dedicated to the people of South Sudan, my family, my friends and colleagues, people who shared my life for years, months and weeks, or simply the time of an encounter. This is my way to express them my love, gratitude and admiration for their professionalism, endeavour, fun, support and care along one unique experience of a kind, as my first mission with MSF and my first trip to Africa.

Ruoxiang Chau
شاو روكسيان

This website a personal communication tool and can in no way be interpreted as official MSF statements.

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