How do we run the Aweil Project?

In Northern Bahr al Ghzal, we have several medical programmes going on: some are seasonal, others belong to the long term programme. Just as I arrive, there are new emergencies due to the floods and the cholera epidemics. Here is an insight into the activities and the departments.

11. Seasonal Activities
111. Nutrition: OTP, TFC
112. Malaria: OPD, IPD
113. Warawar: OTP, OPD, IPD
114. Mobile clinics & Outreach PHCUs

12. Long-term Programme (Mother & Child Programme)
121. Paediatrics: OPD, IPD
122. Gynaecology-Obstetrics: ANC, Maternity, OT

13. Emergency teams in response to
131. Displacement of population due to armed conflicts, flood, etc.
132. Epidemics: cholera, meningitis, measles, haemorrhagic fever, etc.

14. Pharmacy

15. Blood Bank

21. Logistics Hospital
Water & Sanitation, Waste Management, Food and NFI Storage, Construction work and hospital rehabilitation

22. Logistics Base
Office, MSF accomodations, Fleet management & mechanic workshop, Radio & communications, Water & Sanitation, Waste Management

23. Logistics Supply
Warehouse, Rubhall, Local purchases, national & international purchase orders

31. Project Administration & Emergencies Administration
32. Finance
33. Human Resources

41. Medical Referent
42. Logistics Referent
43. Field Administrator
44. Field Coordinator

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