Stuck in Wau, Western Bahr al Ghazal.

28 July 2008.

We are not going to reach the field today. Bad weather conditions force us to stop first a few hours in Rumbek and then in Wau. After flying over Aweil for a while, the pilot decides to head back to Wau. He is not taking the risk to land and not be able to take-off again. Thank God, I am not travelling on my own this time. I wouldn’t know what to do, where to go.

Christophe, our Logistics coordinator keeps calling Stéphane our Head of Mission in Juba. Half an hour later, an Oxfam vehicle is coming to pick us up. Giovanni the Emergency Manager, and Emilie the Watsan Supervisor, are welcoming us in person and taking us (including Isabelle from ACF who could not take her flight to Malual Kon) to their guesthouse. Tonight, we are going to be accommodated by another NGO and have dinner at the River Lodge. I don’t know it yet, but there, I am going to meet someone who is going to become my friend Ali. Like Isabelle, Ali was supposed to fly to Malual Kon. He is sitting alone at a table when I ask if we could join him. Since we have to get stuck somewhere, we may as well do things properly, in Wau and as a group.

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