Artsen Zonder Grenzen

25 July 2008: Lokichogio, Kenya.

At MSF Holland, I meet a very international team: the Field Coordinator is French, the Medical coordinator is Dutch, Giorgio, the Logistics coordinator is from Sardaigna, the HR manager is Italian, one of the doctors is American, the other one, Marten is a Dutch doctor from The Hague, and Christine, the HR assistant is a very sweet Kenyan woman who is absolutely delighted to welcome guests around.

That night, while having drinks with the team in their Sky Bar, I realise that my journey via Loki, is a privilege and makes me a witness of what may be the end of an era. On one hand, it stuggs at my heartstrings. So, this is what happens to places when NGOs come, boosting the local economy and when NGOs depart, leaving the population in deep sorrow. The waiter who is serving us coffee at the airport on the following morning, is pleading for a repatriation of the offices and people. We both know, this is not going to happen. Well, not immediately. On the other hand, I cannot help from feeling excited when taking off. I am one step closer to Aweil. The plane to Juba is certainly not big, but completely full. Who’s on board? MSF Belgium: checked. MSF France: checked. MSF Holland: checked. No one I remember from MSF Switzerland. And MSF Spain: checked. We are ready for take-off!

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