Destination: Aweil, South Sudan

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 06.05.00 (2)

Destination: Aweil, South Sudan

Date of departure: 22 July 2008
Paris > Dubai > Nairobi > Lokichoggio > Juba > Rumbek > Wau > Aweil > Wau > Aweil.
Total distance: 6,656 miles (10.712 km)
Date of arrival: 29 July 2008

Entering Southern Sudan requires a Travel Permit issued by the GoSS (Government of Southern Sudan). Flying via Khartoum would have required another visa delivered by the authorities of Northern Sudan. The itinerary via Nairobi is relatively simpler. It happens that by the time I am travelling to South Sudan, the flights between Nairobi and Juba are blacklisted by MSF. This is the reason why I am staying two nights in Nairobi, while waiting for my flight to Lokichogio, located northwest Kenya, about 30 km from the international border with Sudan.

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